LS-1842 Air Flow Tester


Cosmo’s advanced leak test technology is centered around the LS-1842 differential pressure decay tester. Using Cosmo’s patented differential pressure sensor (DPS) and automatic leak calibrator (ALC) the LS-1842 is perfect for single, standalone leak testing needs.  In today’s production environment, the Cosmo LS-1842 addresses the need for fast cycle times, improved accuracy, and low maintenance to improve output and efficiency for higher productivity.

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Reduce Cycle Times

Cosmo’s Advanced Differential Pressure Sensor (DPS), high resolution A/D converter, Noise Reduction mode, Mastering Compensation, and Quick Test features allow for dramatic reductions in cycle times.


With 32 programmable channels, Cosmos’s patented Automatic Leak Calibrator (ALC), advanced program settings, and optional leak test circuits make the LS-1842 the most diverse leak tester on the market today.

Error-Minimizing Features

Enhanced self check, adjustable pressure limits, drift compensation and lock out features ensure smooth production flow with minimal down time.

Low Maintenance

Custom-built air valves and sensors are designed to meet the demands of high volume production environments.

Ease of Use

Daily calibrations are not required once initial part setup has been completed.


Master Chamber

Calibrated Leak Orifice (LM-1B)

External Exhaust Valve

No-Leak Selector Valve

Remote Control Box